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The Place

The new Poughkeepsie Landing will offer something for everyone. This expansive project will open the waterfront to more people as well as create a foundation for new shops and businesses.

The Poughkeepsie Landing project is a Public-Private partnership between the Bonura family and the City of Poughkeepsie. In order to bring life to the Waterfront and reconnect City residents to the Hudson River, each party has agreed to fulfill certain responsibilities regarding the proposed project. The former DeLaval site is actually divided into two parcels. One parcel running the length of the property immediately adjacent to the Hudson River is to remain owned and operated by the City of Poughkeepsie as dedicated parkland while the remaining inland parcel of the site will be leased to the Developer for its portion of the improvements.

Riverfront Promenade

One of the hallmark features of this project is the Riverfront Promenade. The Promenade will be a public walkway ranging from 12 feet to 25 feet wide and over 2,300 feet long. It will connect to the portion of walkway already constructed in front of Shadows on the Hudson and The Grandview and will eventually connect thru Kaal Rock Park to Waryas Park and Walkway Over the Hudson. This Promenade is part of the Greenway trail and will connect through the Metro-North tunnel allowing Hudson Pointe residents direct access to the property as well as a future connection to the South. In addition to providing pedestrian access to the buildings and amenities at the site, the Promenade will have ample lighting, benches and other landscaped areas for visitors to wander off and explore. When complete, the City of Poughkeepsie will be one of the first, if not the first municipality to have the entire length of its Hudson River waterfront publicly accessible.

Public Market

Between the northern and southern building pads, a space allowing for a Farmers Market and/or Craft Fair will be constructed. The space is being designed such that when not in use as either a Farmers Market or Craft Fair it will available to the public as any other park space in the City of Poughkeepsie. There will be outdoor seating, hardscape walkways and a grand stair, in addition to approximately a half-acre of green space.


On the southern end of the site, the Bonura family will construct an outdoor Amphitheater. This area of the site has a topographic drop of approximately seven vertical feet from the parking lot to the Promenade, which allows the Amphitheater to fit into the space naturally. There will be a covered bandstand, grass seating areas between the stonework walls and handicap-accessible viewing areas. The vision is to host seasonal free concerts, movies, magic shows, and more during the early evening hours to attract residents and visitors to the waterfront. To minimize noise concerns, the Amphitheater is located as far south on the site as possible and would not be operated into the later evening.

Mixed-Use Building

Poughkeepsie Landing’s main building pays homage to the City’s historic factories and warehouses, lending a feel of elegantly re-purposed industrial space to the boutique-style shops and well-appointed residential dwellings inside. Its glass atrium is the perfect dramatic entry point to the brand new amenities that Poughkeepsie’s reimagined waterfront has to offer.

Poughkeepsie Landing’s retail concourse delivers an environment that is as much about discovery as it is shopping. Comprising 30,000 square feet, its handful of retail shops focus on unique, locally sourced and bespoke items. Its carefully curated selection of restaurants – from coffee shops and casual dining, to steaks and seafood – offer everyone a place to share a meal.

Above the shops, generously spacious and well-appointed apartments offer experiential living at its best. The residential space is limited to just 50 dwellings, each boasting a private balcony and stunning Hudson River views. Tenants can gain quick and easy access to the Promenade and other waterfront amenities, but enjoy carefully designed privacy from it as well. Tenants also benefit from designated, covered parking.

Large Boat Dock

The Developer has helped the City of Poughkeepsie secure a grant to construct a new large boat dock as part of the project. The dock is located adjacent to the bandstand at the Amphitheater with the plan of not only having the ability to bring visitors to the Amphitheater, but also provide those sitting in the Amphitheater with additional visual interest during performances. This large dock would allow sight-seeing tour type boats as well as historic boats up to 200 feet in length access to the City of Poughkeepsie.

Public Parking / Public Transportation Considerations

With the exception of roughly 60 covered parking spaces on the northern end of the site, approximately 400 remaining parking spaces will be free and open to the public to use during normal Park hours on a first come, first served basis. Also, the site plan dedicates space near the Amphitheater and Large Boat Dock for buses and other forms of public transportation to park and pickup/drop off guests. In addition, it is anticipated that a number of visitors will walk the one-third of a mile from the Metro-North Train Station to the site.

Future Building Location

Space has been reserved for a future building, which could be used for any combination of retail, restaurant, residential and office, or even an aquarium.