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Community Benefits

For decades, the Hudson River has been cut off from area residents by physical barriers like railroad tracks and contaminated industrial buildings. Now that the environmental cleanup of the former DeLaval site is finally complete, Poughkeepsie Landing will reconnect area residents with over 2000 feet of Hudson River shoreline with unrestricted public access.

The marina and large boat dock will provide those visiting by boat direct access to get back on the water, and visitors ashore with views of vessels coming and going throughout the day, from all vantage points up and down the site.

Public access is paramount to any successful waterfront development. Over 75% of Poughkeepsie Landing is dedicated as free and open to the public just as any park in the City of Poughkeepsie would be, and yes this includes free parking!

There will be space for a Public Market, where farmers or other craft vendors can sell their goods. When not it use as a market this will be open green space for visitors to enjoy. The Riverfront Promenade will connect Kaal Rock park and beyond to the Southern Waterfront. The main public attraction will be the new Riverfront Amphitheater, which will be used for free concerts, movies, magic shows, etc.

Additional spaces will create gathering areas for the public, space for art exhibitions, and other community events.

Poughkeepsie Landing will include amenities and activities suited for all ages, from children to seniors, for making lasting family memories between generations. There will even be pet convenience areas for your four-legged family members.

Poughkeepsie Landing will be a place for exercise, health, and recreation. Whether you swim laps in the Waterfront Pool; walk or bike along the Promenade or just relax and people watch, there will be something for everyone. We also plan to locate a juice and health food café as one of the tenants and will promote yoga by the Hudson River.

If you are one of Poughkeepsie’s residents, you will be able to stroll down to the Promenade for the evening to enjoy the lights of the Mid-Hudson bridge, fireworks on the 4th of July, watch the boats go by, enjoy a meal at one of the fabulous restaurants, or just hang out. Poughkeepsie Landing will be open 365 days a year, with hours of operation dependent on specific uses.

At Poughkeepsie Landing, we will create a place for everyone. Every segment of our city’s population will feel welcome in this new setting. There will be a variety of restaurants at every price point from a walk-up pizza and ice cream window to casual Mexican to sit-down tablecloth dining. The public spaces will be designed in a warm and inviting way to make everyone feel comfortable. Whether you are out celebrating a special occasion or just want to take the kids out for some fresh air, everyone will be welcome on the new waterfront.

Poughkeepsie Landing presents a unique opportunity to showcase our Hudson River history, as well as the talents of our local artists. Historic kiosks will dot the Promenade, recounting the storied past of the Hudson River and the DeLaval site in particular. There will also be dedicated locations for large outdoor sculptures as well as indoor art installations created by local artists.

We plan to partner and collaborate with various local community organizations to program and activate the public spaces of the project. It is vital to work with our partners to coordinate activities and calendars that will deliver the best experience for visitors. While we have already reached out to some organizations like Hudson River Housing, Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce, Dutchess County Tourism and Poughkeepsie Alliance, this is just the beginning, as we intend to broaden our community engagement in the project.

When visitors come to Poughkeepsie, there needs to be a few “go-to” places and Poughkeepsie Landing will definitely be one of those places. With the Walkway on the Hudson as a northern anchor, Poughkeepsie Landing will serve as the southern anchor to the waterfront. When complete, there will be almost 2 miles of riverfront walkway. Restaurants, small shops, the spa, and all of the public spaces will attract visitors from all over our region.

In order for any project to succeed, people need to feel safe. By integrating a variety of uses, including residential on upper floors of the main building, visitors will feel safe as they spend time at the waterfront during the day or night. Extra sets of eyes from residents will supplement the City Police and the project’s own security to ensure a feeling of comfort and security.

Poughkeepsie Landing will make use of the latest green building materials and principles wherever possible. A large solar array will be installed over some of the parking on the northern end of the site allowing for electric car charging stations to be powered by the sun.

The Poughkeepsie Landing project is a long-term public-private partnership between the developer and the City of Poughkeepsie. A specific economic model was developed whereby the developer will be constructing and maintaining the utility infrastructure, parking, site lighting, buildings, public restrooms, Amphitheater, Public Market, and other public spaces at no cost to the City or its taxpayers. $1M in grant money has been secured on behalf of the City to pay for the large boat dock and Riverfront Promenade. The project will create more than 100 full-time permanent jobs, more than $1M in new sales tax revenue, and pay approximately $300,000 per year in rent and taxes with yearly increases. Keep in mind that this property has been off of the tax roll since 1965.